Who Are We?

HealthLitNow™ is a secular, community based “Public Health Literacy” non-profit with a mission to enhance both short-term and long-term healthcare outcomes for K-12 students, their families, and the community at large consistent with the “National Action Plan to Improve Health Literacy”. Public Health Literacy is defined here “as the degree to which individuals and groups can obtain, process, understand, evaluate, and act upon information needed to make personal and public health decisions that benefit the community”. The Exploratorium of Healthcare Careers (EXPLORE HCC) is a long-term project engaging a broad alliance of community participants to raise Healthcare Career opportunity and simultaneously enhance Health Literacy by providing hands-on, fun, non-didactic healthcare workshops to 7th – 9th grade students.

EXPLORE HCC’s engagement with our community is represented by our Business Model reflecting support from business, government, academic and non-profit organizations. By stimulating interest in healthcare careers, we communicate Health Literacy to students who then engage their families in what they have learned thereby improving the Health Literacy of our community. “Teach The Children.”

HealthLitNow Business Model

Why Do We Do What We Do?

Many factors are coalescing to drive major changes in healthcare in the US. An aging demographic is not only creating a need for more services for older citizens but many experienced healthcare professionals are retiring leaving a shortage of available providers to meet this growing need. In addition, younger citizens no longer have the same accessibility to healthcare services and are faced with many challenges as they strive to participate in the new healthcare system under the Affordable Care Act.

These and other related issues are particularly relevant in rural communities such as those in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California where serious shortages of qualified healthcare workers is exacerbated by low levels of health literacy and high rates of mental and behavioral illness.
HealthLitNow has formulated our mission to address these and related issues with proactive programs designed to engage K-12 students to become more health literate while raising awareness of the vast and exciting career opportunities that it exist in healthcare.

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