Primary Medical Careers

Healthcare careers are the fastest growing area of careers in the US, State of California, and in our local region. There are currently more than 200 unfilled healthcare career positions in Tuolumne County alone and growing. EXPLORE HCC brings 7 th – 9 th grade students awareness of the broad spectrum of primary healthcare careers through hands-on, stimulating workshop stations demonstrating the relationship to career opportunity. Our “Tree of Hippocrates” poster taken from 2014 US Bureau of Labor Statistics data graphically depicts the fastest growing careers in healthcare at each post high school level of education. Within six weeks of high school graduation a student could earn a certificate as a lab technician, personal care provider o phlebotomist or climb the tree through an Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree, Masters or PHD to eventually become a Medical Doctor, Veterinarian, or achieve other dreams of participation in a field of medicine.

Tree of Hippocrates Poster
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